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5th Avenue After Five Perfume

5th Avenue After Five Perfume
5th Avenue After Five Perfume
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Elizabeth Arden Fifth Avenue After Five Perfume Elizabeth Arden Fifth Avenue After Five is a floral perfume for the discerning woman who enjoys the electric vibes of Fifth Avenue after work. This enchanting scent is perfect for romantic adventures at night, but it's also perfect for festive occasions during the day. Smooth to moderate silage keeps your passion close to your heart and where it can be found by that special someone. This enchanting scent has just the right amount of staying power for long nights on the town. Top notes include bergamot, plum, coriander and honeysuckle. The floral and spicy heart notes are composed of lily of the valley, saffron, jasmine and Indian lotus. The aromatic base notes are musk, tonka bean, sandalwood and birch.

5th Avenue After Five, the brainchild of Olivier Girotan, was launched in his 2005 and became a powerhouse for American fragrance and cosmetics brand Elizabeth Arden. Founded in 1910, the brand has been at the forefront of innovative fragrances since the launch of its first fragrance in 1936.

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