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Arden Beauty Perfume

Arden Beauty Perfume
Arden Beauty Perfume
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Arden Beauty Elizabeth Arden's perfume, Arden Beauty was launched in 2002 and is a contemporary fragrance for women. Vibrant green notes and elegant bergamot are tempered by iris to create a bright, fresh scent with powdery nuances. Enduring heart notes of orchid and ginger add an oriental touch to this green scent. A bouquet of exotic flowers such as lotuses and lilies. These provide a light, watery quality that keeps the scent from being too strong. A sensual blend of sandalwood and amber melts into the skin for a warm scent. This perfume is perfect for dates, has a moderate scent and is persistent.

Elizabeth Arden She was founded in 1910 and initially focused on skincare and cosmetics. The company's founder, Florence Nightingale Graham, was an innovator and introduced the first "transformation". She released her first fragrance, Bluegrass, in 1934. The fragrance collection includes 69 of her fragrances, the latest being her 2018 launch. After several ownership changes in the late 20th century, the brand is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Revlon.

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