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Blue Grass Perfume

Blue Grass Perfume
Blue Grass Perfume
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Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass Perfume Luxurious and floral, Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass is a long-lasting vintage fragrance that has captivated the nostrils of generations. Refreshing orange blossom, neroli, and bergamot combine with pure, classic, soothing lavender to create a sweet, feminine scent at the top. Delicate essences of rose and carnation meet clove and invigorating bay leaf to create a unique and enchanting heart. Dried bluegrass creates a gentle base dominated by benzoin, a special tree extract prized for its medicinal properties, as well as sandalwood, tonka bean and buttery vanilla-like notes.

American cosmetics, skin care and fragrance house Elizabeth Arden launched this fragrance in his 1934 year. At the time of creating this fragrance, the brand was firmly established in the spa and skincare space and has since built a strong portfolio of best-selling fragrances.

This timeless fragrance was relaunched in his 1989 and continues to captivate fans with its scent reminiscent of bright summer days.

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