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Boss Ma Vie Perfume

Boss Ma Vie Perfume
Boss Ma Vie Perfume
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Hugo Boss Boss Ma Vie Perfume. Wearing the Boss Ma Vie will make you the center of attention and make an unforgettable impression. This woody, floral and green perfume for women opens with top notes of cactus flowers. Evolved further with a middle that includes jasmine, pink freesia and rosebud. The cedar and warm wood base balance the whole. This fragrance has an overall pleasant smell and is perfect for everyday use at any time of the year.

Boss Ma Vie is as gentle, soothing and feminine as the soft pink packaging. Created to celebrate the modernity, femininity and confidence of today's women. Hugo Boss launched this fragrance in the summer of 2014.

Germany-based fashion icon Hugo Boss was founded in 1924. The company also branched out into fragrance with his 1985 release of Boss Number One for men. With the help of perfumers Jean-Marc Chayan, Sophie Labé and many others, the company continues to launch popular fragrances for both men and women.

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