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Green Tea Lavender Perfume

Green Tea Lavender Perfume
Green Tea Lavender Perfume
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Green Tea Lavender Perfume by Elizabeth Arden, Green Tea Lavender Perfume is an attractive blend of three distinct layers of scent. It opens with beautiful bright, transparent top notes of spearmint and chamomile, blended with the citric notes of Sicilian mandarin and Amalfi lemon. This is followed by a richer, more intoxicating heart note of magnolia, green tea, lavender and oolong tea. Beneath it all, the scent concludes with a powerful aromatic note of ambrette seed, birch and musk essences. This deep, earthy tone gives this perfume a rich, invigorating yet relaxing quality. This perfume is described as bright, peppery and slightly creamy. The fragrance comes in a lavender bottle.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lavender is a refreshing everyday scent launched in 2010. It is part of the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Perfume Line, first developed in 1999 and now includes several delightful fragrances.

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