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Pretty Perfume

Pretty Perfume
Pretty Perfume
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The Pretty perfume by Elizabeth Arden was designed by Givaudan and launched in 2009. The word "pretty" is just an apt name for it. This skin-tight floral scent brings freshness and feminine elegance to any look and is perfect for boosting your mood throughout the day. Tangerine, peach and orange blossom form an invigorating harmony of top notes that easily transition to the heart of the fragrance. A bouquet of heart notes, composed of peony, jasmine and lily, is artfully structured around Petalia, her one of Givaudan's signature synthetic notes. This molecule produces a scent reminiscent of roses and peonies with hints of sweet fruit. Finally, the base is composed of a soft, ephemeral blend of jacaranda wood, musk and amber, providing warmth and comfort while keeping the scent light.

Founded in 1910 by Florence Nightingale Graham, Elizabeth Arden is an American cosmetics company that served as an early pioneer of modern make-up in the United States. The company's first fragrance was launched in his 1934, but skincare and the Red Door Spa line remained a focus for most of the company's history. In the second half of the 20th century, the focus shifted to fragrance, with more women's fragrances being launched under this name.

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