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Provocative Perfume

Provocative Perfume
Provocative Perfume
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Provocative Perfume by Elizabeth Arden Created in 2004, Provocative Perfume is a sexy nighttime scent said to be inspired by actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. Nose Rock Don and Jean-Marc Chayan blended floral notes such as lotus, orchid and lily. Other notes include white sand, cypress, quince, pink freesia and papaya blossom.

Elizabeth Arden She was born in 1878 in Florence Her Nightingale Her Graham. During her training as a nurse in Canada, she learned of a medicated cream for treating burn patients. She then had the idea to create a similar product that anyone can use to maintain healthy skin. After she turned 30, she moved to New York City, where she worked with a chemist to develop a breakthrough beauty cream. She opened her first Red Door her salon in 1910 and soon her stores spread all over the world. Arden's company is also the first in the industry to send a traveling saleswoman to a customer and provide travel-sized cosmetics.

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