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Red Door Aura Perfume

Red Door Aura Perfume
Red Door Aura Perfume
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Red Door Aura Perfume by Elizabeth Arden, Red Door Aura is a fruity floral women's fragrance by Elizabeth Arden. Launched in 2012, this perfume is a vibrant and feminine scent perfect for any occasion. The scent opens with tart raspberry and citrus bergamot. Heart notes of orange blossom, rose and jasmine are sweet, intense and delicate at the same time. The fragrance ends with amber, sandalwood and musk.

Elizabeth Arden was founded in New York City by Florence Nightingale Graham. Graham was active in the business world under the name Elizabeth Arden. She founded her cosmetics and skin care business in 1909 and has achieved great success with makeup, skin care treatments and the signature Red Her Door her salon. In 1934, the company launched its first fragrance, Blue Grass. Arden ran her company for over 50 years until her death in 1966. In recent years, the company's focus has shifted to a number of fragrance lines, many of which have collaborated with famous celebrities and designers.

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