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Sunflowers Summer Bloom Perfume

Sunflowers Summer Bloom Perfume
Sunflowers Summer Bloom Perfume
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Sunflowers Summer Bloom Perfume by Elizabeth Arden, Sunflowers Summer Bloom is a floral green fragrance with floral, fresh, aquatic, fruity, woody and powdery accords. Launched in 2014, this fragrance opens with notes of water lily and ivy blended with Ange pear before revealing a heart filled with jasmine, palma her violet and hydrangea. The base notes are Texas cedar, musk and creamy vanilla. Overall, this eau de toilette is refreshing and slightly aromatic, with floral sweet notes and sensual nuances, yet not overpowering the wearer.

Elizabeth Arden's legacy began with her salon, Manhattan's first Red Door, which she founded in 1910. The entrepreneur launched his first fragrance in 1936 and guided the brand into luxury and innovation until his death in 1966. Over the company's 80-year history, more than 70 fragrances have been launched, with the Red Door, Fifth Avenue, and Untold collections remaining enduring favorites, including Green Tea Fig and Sunflowers Summer Air in 2018. New work will be released "to the future".

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