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True Love Perfume

True Love Perfume
True Love Perfume
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Elizabeth Arden's True Love Perfume. Whether yours is still there or by your side, True Love locks romance and lust in her one bottle. This delicate and seductive classic fragrance was launched in his 1994. Top notes include freesia, apricot, peach and green notes. Envelop yourself with the fresh floral notes of rose, iris, heliotrope, lily of the valley, jasmine and orris root. The base notes are warm and sweet with notes of vanilla, amber, cedar and sandalwood.

Florence Nightingale Graham is the woman behind Elizabeth Arden. She founded her company in 1910 and used her name professionally. The company, first known for its cosmetics and skin care products, opened the famous Red Door Spa in New York. Innovation and chic style have enhanced the brand's reputation. Arden believed that every woman had the right to be beautiful. The brand's first fragrance was born in 1934. Today, the famous Reese Witherspoon is the face of many of the company's products.

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