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Brand: Le Gazelle
Le Gazelle extra Cologne through Le Gazelle..
Brand: Le Gazelle
La Gazelle Imperia Black Diamond is a Saudi Arabian fragrance released by means of the brand la Gazelle. Los angeles Gazelle is thought for its ability to make use of French fragrance techniques. This fragrance is thought for its floral, woody notes that attraction to both ladies and men.Fragrance F..
Brand: Min New York
Long Board perfume by way of Min big apple, Throw to your wetsuit and head into the surf on every occasion you get a whiff of long Board, a clean ladies's perfume. This invigorating fragrance combines floral, connoisseur, marine and aromatic accords for a vivid, ambitious fragrance that is certain t..
Lorenzo Villoresi Firenze Alamut perfume through Lorenzo Villoresi, This balsamic and powdery perfume for women is Lorenzo Villoresi Firenze Alamut. Released in 2006, this modern fragrance is exceptional with various florals. The outlet notes include rose, jasmine, osmanthus and Brazilian rosewood. ..
Lorenzo Villoresi Firenze Donna perfume by Lorenzo Villoresi, Lorenzo Villoresi Firenze Donna is a perfume for ladies that completely combines sparkling yellow florals with woodsy and fragrant accords. This state-of-the-art heady scent turned into released in 1994, and it opens with a warm highly sp..
Brand: Accendis
Accendis Lucepura fragrance is a unisex fragrance launched in 2017. Its complicated combination begins with refreshing citrus and delicate lavender with a touch of watermelon accompanied by a deeper, more sensual woody tobacco that dries down into the sweet, powdery opulence of amber and musk.Fragra..
Brand: Masque Milano
Luci Ed Ombre fragrance by Masque Milano, released in 2013, Luci Ed Ombre captures the mysterious intrigue of while night meets the day. Giuseppe Imprezzabile is the perfumer in the back of the perfume for ladies and men. The particular scent of incense offers a smoky, mysteriousness to the hole. Tu..
Brand: Mancera
Mancera launched Amber & Roses perfume in 2014. It's miles a floral and amber fragrance in Mancera's Wild preference series. This intoxicating fragrance capabilities notes of lemon, rose, amber, white musk and labdanum.Fragrance Family:Amber, floralScent Type:Intense, exotic, mysterious, dark, e..
Brand: Mancera
Mancera Aoud Black candy is a unisex amber vanilla fragrance designed with the aid of Pierre Montale. Launched in 2012, it blends sweet, soft spicy, resinous and earthy notes. This heady scent is part of Mancera's dark choice series.Fragrance Family:AmberScent Type:SpicyNotes:Aoud Black Candy captiv..
Brand: Mancera
Mancera Choco Violette fragrance is a unisex chocolate-forward fragrance that belongs to the amber, vanilla and gourmand perfume households. The perfume came out in 2016 and has a warm, nutty and powdery fragrance profile.Fragrance Family:Amber, vanilla, gourmandScent Type:Warm, chocolate, bitter, c..
Brand: Mancera
Mancera in depth Aoud Black fragrance via Mancera, Mancera extensive Aoud Black is a highly spiced oriental heady scent that’s pleasantly heat and perfect for easy-going ladies and men. The highly spiced notes are without delay distinctive from the fragrance’s commencing: cloves and pepper, with jui..
Brand: Mancera
Mancera valuable Oud fragrance via Mancera, if you're searching out a signature heady scent or a unique event scent that is unique and bold, strive Mancera treasured Oud. This unisex fragrance has a boozy, oriental vibe this is truely cute. It opens boldly with top notes of leather-based, oud, berga..
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