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Jimmy Choo

Brand: Jimmy Choo
Rose passion is a appropriate floral heady scent by way of Jimmy Choo. Released in 2023 and packaged in an stylish, ombre fuschia bottle, Rose ardour is an exclusive scent that blends tropical florals with the creaminess of coconut milk and sudden amber base notes.Fragrance Family:FloralScent Type:T..
Brand: Jimmy Choo
Flash perfume through Jimmy Choo, Flash by Jimmy Choo is a gentle, sweet fragrance that evokes a laugh and femininity. The fragrance opens with refreshing strawberry, red pepper, and tangerine notes. The brilliant preliminary combination blends into a floral heart of tuberose, jasmine, and lily. Tho..
Brand: Jimmy Choo
Jimmy Choo Floral by using Jimmy Choo is a 2019 floral fruity fragrance for ladies that represents beauty, self belief, and strength. It is a diffused and vibrant floral and fruity heady scent, and the nose in the back of it's far perfumer Louise Turner. The composition capabilities sparkling end re..
Brand: Jimmy Choo
Fragrance FamilyCitrusScent TypeSweet, citrus, warm spicy, honey, woody, caramelNotesIllicit is a sexy fragrance designed for a nighttime rendevous...
Brand: Jimmy Choo
Jimmy Choo I want Choo for all time perfume through Jimmy Choo..
Brand: Jimmy Choo
Jimmy Choo Man Aqua Cologne by Jimmy Choo..
Brand: Jimmy Choo
Jimmy Choo Urban Hero Gold Edition Cologne von Jimmy Choo..
Brand: Jimmy Choo
Jimmy Choo Urban Hero Cologne. Be the epitome of confidence and modern class with Jimmy Choo Men's Urban Hero Eau de Parfum. This his 2019 release opens with invigorating top notes of black pepper and lemon caviar. Heart notes of vetiver and rosewood give way to sensual base notes of gray amber and ..
Brand: Jimmy Choo
Fragrance FamilyAromaticScent TypeFresh spice, warm spice, ozonic, amber, vanilla, herbalNotesMandarin orange, melon, and lavender make up the top notes of this aromatic fragrance. The middle notes of black pepper and geranium, along with base notes of patchouli and tonka bean, provide an earthy, na..
Brand: Jimmy Choo
Jimmy Choo Man Ice entered the fragrance world in 2017. Created by Michel Almerac, this woody, aromatic fragrance for men combines invigorating citrus notes with smooth woods and smoky incense, incorporating earthy and musky tones. Man Ice has been a popular fragrance in his Jimmy Choo line since it..
Brand: Jimmy Choo
Fragrance Family:CitrusScent Type:Fresh, crisp, fruity, lavender, sweet, earthy, amber, woodyNotes:Man is a fresh and distinctive scent marrying opening notes of mandarin with lavender and honeydew melon. At its heart are geranium, patchouli, and pineapple leaf. The fragrance then unveils its base, ..
Brand: Jimmy Choo
Jimmy Choo Man Blue Cologne is a woody, aromatic, leathery fragrance that exudes confidence and masculinity. Perfect for the modern man who wants to make a statement wherever he goes.Fragrance Family:FreshScent Type:Woody, aromaticNotes:Jimmy Choo Man Blue Cologne opens with a burst of clary sage, b..
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