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Estee Lauder

Amber Mystique fragrance via Estee Lauder, Spritz on a touch of glamour and intrigue with Amber Mystique, a girls’s perfume by Estee Lauder. Its stunning combination of sweet and smoky notes highlights its middle eastern thought with warm amber, Taif rose, oud and distinctive incense leading the man..
Lovely Belle Love perfume by way of Estee Lauder, in case you're looking for a delicate, female perfume to feature for your perfume collection for normal wear, lovely Belle Love fits the invoice. Gentle and romantic with a light sillage, this adorable perfume is best for normal events. It opens with..
Spellbound perfume via Estee Lauder, Spellbound is a fragrance that became released in 1991, and is a refined, warm, and highly spiced, fragrance for ladies. The scent opens with pinnacle notes of rose, citrus, and apricot. The heart of the fragrance is a blend of orange blossom, daffodil, carnation..
Fragrance Family:Amber floralScent Type:White floral, amber, powdery, tuberose, sweet, yellow floral, nutty, nutty, lactonic and animalic with leather accords.Notes:This romantic, carefree fragrance opens with the thrill of lychee, mimosa and rose petals. Following the top notes, the heart of the fr..
Azuree fragrance by means of Estee Lauder, wander away in dreamy visions of the Mediterranean coast with Azuree, a tantalizing ladies’s fragrance through Estee Lauder. Designed with the French Riviera in mind, you’ll come to be spellbound via the various natural and earthy accords that connect you o..
Fragrance FamilyFloralScent TypeFloral, white floral, green, fruity, fresh spicy, musky, woodyNotesWith top notes of blue hyacinth, orange blossom, and jabuticaba, Beyond Paradise leads with a sweet and slightly tart and beautifully tropical introduction. The middle notes of honeysuckle, jasmine, or..
Cinnabar fragrance by using Estee Lauder, Cinnabar for women become launched in 1978 and is a warm and spicy perfume perfect for an interesting night time on the town. The pinnacle notes of this perfume are fruity tangerine and peach, citrusy bergamot, fresh orange blossom, together with spices and ..
Beautiful Magnolia Perfume is a soft, romantic floral fragrance launched by Estée Lauder in 2021. This is part of the brand's beautiful fragrance collection. This stunning modern floral uses aquatic notes of lotus and gentle musk to accentuate a strong central magnolia accord.Fragrance Family:Floral..
Estée Lauder's Estée Perfume, Estée, is the second fragrance ever created by Estée Lauder. This woody floral fragrance was launched in his 1968 with decidedly feminine notes. Lemon, peach and raspberry make up some of the top notes for a delicious fruity combination. Honey, jasmine, rose and iris gi..
Bronze Goddess fragrance by way of Estee Lauder, Bronze Goddess become launched in 2011. Offered in elegant, gold, glass flacons, this perfume is clearly summer season in a bottle. With notes of coconut, mandarin, sandalwood and Tahitian gardenia petals, this perfume captures summertime reminiscence..
Youth Dew is a traditional women's amber perfume by using the style and splendor brand Estée Lauder, first launched in 1953. The perfume is a subtle and classic blend of spices, fall fruits and florals over a deep woodsy-amber base. It's miles a calming and sensual fall-iciness fragrance whose vinta..
The Estée Lauder Mustang Cologne was launched in 2007 and the Mustang was produced in partnership with Ford Motor Company. This masculine scent is the quintessential American experience: wild, bold and sophisticated. This cologne is perfect for fall, winter and spring. At the top of the scent, power..
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