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Boss Alive Perfume

Boss Alive Perfume
Boss Alive Perfume
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Boss Alive fragrance via Hugo Boss, Lead the way and solution to no one when you're wearing the bold and magnetic Boss Alive, a lovely women's fragrance. This fascinating fragrance blends fruity, woody, herbal and highly spiced accords for a vivid and provocative fragrance this is bound to have heads turning and jaws losing. Pinnacle notes of heat cinnamon, crisp apple, juicy plum, black currant and Madagascar vanilla introduce the aroma with a powerful begin, developing a candy and unique concord that's not possible to face up to. Adding to the combination are middle notes of thyme and jasmine sambac, which incorporate a diffused trace of chic, romantic femininity with their state-of-the-art bouquet. Subsequently, base notes of olive timber, cedar, sandalwood and numerous other tender woods form a easy, balancing undertone it is sensitive but tantalizing for an altogether majestic concoction you could effortlessly pair with any expert or formal ensemble.

This enticing aroma turned into formulated by way of grasp perfumer Annick Menardo. It was later released through Hugo Boss in 2020, adding to the logo's stunning series of over a hundred awesome scents.

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