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Boss The Scent Absolute Perfume

Boss The Scent Absolute Perfume
Boss The Scent Absolute Perfume
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Boss The scent Absolute perfume via Hugo Boss, distinct, rich, and deliciously intoxicating -- just a few words that appropriately describe the revel in of wearing Boss The scent Absolute, certainly one of 2019's maximum exciting ladies's fragrances. Designed with the sector's most appealing women in thoughts, this perfume combination is the precise female echo to the original men's fragrance of the equal name. Your fragrance experience opens with tingling pinnacle notes of spicy ginger and an ideal touch of golden honey. Next, it blossoms into a symphony of smoky sensual coronary heart notes like intoxicating rum and stimulating coffee. Soothing base notes of comforting vanilla and earthy vetiver round out the profile with the aid of adding the perfect amount of intensity.

The Hugo Boss name is known the world over for developing undying garb, fragrances, and accessories for splendid ladies and men everywhere. This interesting fragrance blend is the brainchild of heady scent professional Louise Turner and is supplied in a lozenge-fashioned, smoked glass bottle as a way to look stunning on any vanity table.

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