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Diorama Perfume

Diorama Perfume
Diorama Perfume
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Diorama perfume by means of Christian Dior, right away stylish and deeply sensual, Diorama is a luxurious chypre fragrance that fuses luscious fruit and floral tones with wood, spice and animalic musk. The heady scent opens with a sweet effusion of ripest peach and plum, juicy melon and hints of fruity-fragrant bergamot. Lush florals and oriental spices emerge on the coronary heart. Heady jasmine, creamy tuberose and shimmering lily-of-the-valley mingle with powdery-fresh rose, violet and gardenia, whilst warm spice notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, caraway, clove and black pepper upload a tantalizing, exceptional touch. The intense fruits and florals of the introduction are beautifully harmonized by way of a shadowy, seductive base of civetta, castoreum and leather mingled with woody tones of oakmoss, vetiver and sandalwood.

This vintage perfume became composed with the aid of perfumer Edmond Roudnitska and released by way of Christian Dior in 1948, twelve months after the French design residence released its first perfume, leave out Dior. Different Dior creations via Edmond Roudnitska include Diorella (1972), Diorissimo (1956) and Eau Fraiche (1955).

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