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Dolce Vita Perfume

Dolce Vita Perfume
Dolce Vita Perfume
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Dolce Vita perfume through Christian Dior, Dolce Vita, a women’s perfume released through Christian Dior in 1994, is a floral and woody fragrance with simply the right contact of candy and spice. Crafted through Pierre Bourdon and Maurice Roger, this female fragrance produces the form of luscious aroma that received’t be easily forgotten in your wake. Bursting with luscious culmination, the top notes of the heady scent contain smooth lily, fleshy and juicy peach, tart grapefruit, citrusy bergamot, romantic rose and sweet cardamom. Fuzzy apricot, lush magnolia, sensuous cinnamon, heliotrope and woody palisander rosewood integrate to shape the coronary heart of the fragrance. Milky sandalwood, tropical coconut, comforting vanilla and acquainted cedar contain the perfume’s base notes.

Christian Dior turned into a renowned French fashion clothier who grew to repute thanks to his potential to expertly get dressed the feminine curves of girls. Even though he exceeded away in 1957, the clothier’s manufacturers stay on. The groups that bear his call are recognized international for some of luxury goods lines which includes cosmetics, fragrances and haute couture models.

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