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Dune Perfume

Dune Perfume
Dune Perfume
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Dune perfume by way of Christian Dior, Dune is a woody floral fragrance for guys that become launched in 1997 by means of Christian Dior. Olivier Cresp is the nose behind this fragrance. It has pinnacle notes of cassis, fig leaf, sage, and basil. Its heart notes feature mignonette, fig wooden bark, and rose. Its base notes include tonka bean, sandalwood, vanilla, and cedar. Dune fragrance has moderate sillage and moderate longevity.

Christian Dior is a style dressmaker from France. He labored with numerous famous fashion and perfume designers, consisting of Robert Piguet, Lucien Lelong, and Pierre Balmain. He have become famous in the fashion world around 1947 for his creation of voluminous dresses that emphasised a lady’s female curvy form, coined the “New look.” This layout helped Paris go back to its function as fashion capitol of the arena. The house of Dior began liberating fragrances that matched its models in 1947. This designer passed away in 1957, but the logo in his call maintains.

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