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Green Tea Pomegranate Perfume

Green Tea Pomegranate Perfume
Green Tea Pomegranate Perfume
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Green Tea Pomegranate Perfume by Elizabeth Arden, Green Tea Pomegranate is a fruity scent for women. Refreshing notes of tangelo, pomegranate, bergamot and passion fruit open this perfume with a bright, juicy and fruity scent. In the heart, davana, Earl Gray tea, violet leaves and white magnolia provide a fresh green scent with a hint of sweetness. A final base note of raspberry blossom, musk, yerba mate and moss brings a rich earthiness that balances delicate and sweet notes. This playful perfume has just the right amount of fragrance and is perfect for warm spring and summer days.

Elizabeth Arden is a US-based cosmetics company. This popular brand was founded by Florence Nightingale Graham in 1910 and used her professional name as the company name. Founded mainly in cosmetics and skin care, the company entered the fragrance world in 1934 and continues to create new and exciting fragrances today. This perfume was released in 2019.

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