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Green Tea Yuzu Perfume

Green Tea Yuzu Perfume
Green Tea Yuzu Perfume
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Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea Yuzu perfume is perfect for hot summer days. Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea Yuzu delivers a fresh, citrusy scent reminiscent of sunshine. Part of the hugely popular Green Tea fragrance line, this perfumer's product features top notes of yuzu, green tea, bergamot and lemon. Beneath these bright notes lies a slightly herbal heart accord of thyme, mint, blackcurrant and neroli. Spices are softened by a warm base of ambrette seed, musk and birch. This deliciously aromatic eau de toilette was launched in his 2014 and comes in his 3.4 oz bottle with a slice of yuzu.

Green Tea Yuzu is a special collaboration between Elizabeth Arden and renowned perfumer Rodrigo Flores Lu. A top fragrance for perfume companies around the world, Flores Lu has created fragrances for luxury brands such as Badgley Mischka, Tom Ford, Kate Spade and John Varvatos. He is a graduate of the famous perfumery school Isipka in Versailles, France.

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