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Hugo Extreme Perfume

Hugo Extreme Perfume
Hugo Extreme Perfume
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Hugo excessive fragrance by way of Hugo Boss, initially released in 2015, Hugo extreme stands proud as a ladies’s perfume, an unusual composition that bears self assurance in what it's miles. Intensely clean and inexperienced, yet with floral and fruity notes accenting it, this fragrance refreshes and captivates from the begin with an adventurous establishing of Himalayan senecio grass and boysenberry. A profound white floral heart follows, driven through a bouquet of jasmine with black tea and then observed by means of sensual osmanthus for a extraordinarily sophisticated conclusion tying it all together. The heavy sillage of this fragrance guarantees that your presence is unmistakable and your distinctiveness is identified.

Based in Metzingen, Germany in 1924, Hugo Boss offers severa lines in fashion and add-ons beneath its dual brands - Boss, with excessive-end traditional put on, and Hugo’s modern eu fashion. Both manufacturers function their very own strains of perfume as well, began in 1985 with Boss number one for men; each perfume is designed in collaboration with top perfumers in Europe.

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