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Jimmy Choo Urban Hero Cologne

Jimmy Choo Urban Hero Cologne
Jimmy Choo Urban Hero Cologne
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Jimmy Choo Urban Hero Cologne. Be the epitome of confidence and modern class with Jimmy Choo Men's Urban Hero Eau de Parfum. This his 2019 release opens with invigorating top notes of black pepper and lemon caviar. Heart notes of vetiver and rosewood give way to sensual base notes of gray amber and leather accords. This powerful scent will calm you from day to night without being overpowering. Flacon reflects the modern urban feel of the fragrance in mirror chrome and matte silver. The silver cap has a subtle chevron pattern.

In 1996, Malaysian designer Jimmy Choo took the fashion scene by storm with an exquisite line of shoes and accessories. The company entered the perfume market in 2011 and currently sells more than 25 of his fragrances for men and women. They are perfumers Juliette Caragousoglu, Véronique Nyberg, Christophe Reynaud, Olivier Polge, Natalie Larson, Nicolas Beaulieu, Domitille Berthier, Anne Fripot, Michel Almerac, Louise Turner and Elienor Massenet. , Honorine Blanc and Christine Nagel to design perfumes.

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