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Mediterranean Perfume

Mediterranean Perfume
Mediterranean Perfume
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Mediterranean perfume by way of Elizabeth Arden, A spritz of Mediterranean and you're transported to the Greek islands. This floral fragrance has a cute mix of citrus, musk and fruit accords with a powdery dry down. The fragrance starts offevolved with a fruit basket of top notes which include plum, peach and Sicilian mandarin. These notes open to a floral coronary heart accord featuring orchid, wisteria and magnolia. A warm, woody base of amber, sandalwood and musk finishes off the scent and lasts long into the night. Released in 2007, this fragrance is to be had in more than one sizes and springs packaged in a striking, azure flacon.

Elizabeth Arden is one of the oldest perfume homes in the united states and become founded in 1910, firstly as a make-up and skin care company. Due to the fact then, the emblem has launched extra than 70 fragrances. This fragrance turned into created in collaboration with global grasp perfumer, Claude Dir. Dir is fairly widespread for superstar fragrances and luxury brands. He has created perfumes for Beyoncé, Anthropologie and Hugo Boss amongst others.

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