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White Tea Wild Rose Perfume

White Tea Wild Rose Perfume
White Tea Wild Rose Perfume
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White Tea Wild Rose perfume by way of Elizabeth Arden, photo the carefree scene: wild rose is unexpectantly located blooming simply at the ocean's edge. You elevate your head and breathe within the fragrance of the sparkling sea air and the luxurious floral aroma as they mingle collectively at the salty breeze. This is utter perfection. A second of quiet satisfaction caught in time, much like the simple joys White Tea Wild Rose captures in fragrance shape. Launched in 2019, the girls's fragrance captivates with touches of calming tea, shiny florals and heat aromas. The top of the heady scent is comprised from notes of white tea, purple currant, pear blossom and palmarosa. The heart of the perfume holds a rosy aroma way to notes of Bulgarian rose, Turkish rose, peony and clary sage. The scent's warmth is held within the base with notes of musk, mate, Tonka bean and amber.

The popular American cosmetics and skincare emblem Elizabeth Arden started in 1910. The mastermind at the back of the agency was Florence Nightengale Graham, who used the logo's call as each her expert moniker and for naming her enterprise. An innovator within the field of cosmetics, the brand turned into the first to provide eye make-up and makeovers within the American market.

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