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Fougere Nobile Perfume

Fougere Nobile Perfume
Fougere Nobile Perfume
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Fougere Nobile perfume by means of Nobile 1942, depart your antique self in the back of and come to be a bold new you when you're draped within the nourishing Fougere Nobile, a charming and sophisticated perfume. This naturally-appealing fragrance combines citrus, highly spiced, natural and powdery accords for a rich, tantalizing essence that instantly appeals in your human nature. Notes of masculine tobacco, black pepper and zesty bergamot at once take keep of your olfactory senses, leaving a lingering presence that's absolutely interesting. Adding to the mixture are notes of geranium, tonka bean, lavender, musk and vetiver, all of which paintings in harmony to wind down the sooner intensity and infuse a relaxing, sensual environment with a purpose to depart you feeling assured, inspired and refined with every new spritz.

This delightfully clean aroma turned into launched in 2015, presented in a elegant glass bottle with light golden hues and noble silver accents. It became released thru the Italian fragrance house Nobile 1942, which facilities its recognition on steeping, distilling and filtering all of its purest, natural substances.

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