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Franck Boclet Flowers Perfume

Franck Boclet Flowers Perfume
Franck Boclet Flowers Perfume
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Franck Boclet Geranium fragrance via Franck Boclet, Franck Boclet Geranium is an aromatic fragrance for ladies. Pinnacle notes of grapefruit, lime and lavender open the scent with a clean and smooth citrusy tone this is energizing. The heart notes of orange blossom, geranium and heliotrope add a floral freshness with the precise contact of femininity and sweetness. The base notes of heat vanilla, creamy sandalwood and musk whole the perfume with a woody muskiness for a virtually traditional and timeless fragrance. This fragrance has a softer sillage and is nice applicable to wear for the duration of the nice and cozy and sunny days of spring.

Franck Boclet is a French fashion fashion designer who has a background in textile engineering. He founded his a hit fashion design residence in 2010 and offers specific styles for guys that reflect his technical historical past. He branched into the world of fragrances with the creation of his very own line in 2013 and debuted this fragrance in 2017.

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