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Franck Boclet Tonka Cologne

Franck Boclet Tonka Cologne
Franck Boclet Tonka Cologne
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Franck Boclet Tonka Cologne by means of Franck Boclet, find your self catching the eye (and nose) of anybody within the room when you've splashed on Franck Boclet Tonka, a provocative guys's cologne. This enchanting fragrance combines citrus, highly spiced and balsamic accord for a decadent and robust fragrance you may never want to prevent smelling for your apparel. Top notes of ginger, lemon and fig leaf gift a wildly shiny and exhilarating begin, at the same time as center notes of white peach, cedar and almond further intensify the concoction with their candy, smooth atmosphere. Everything winds down with base notes of Peru Balsam, sandalwood and tonka bean, which create a tender, creamy finish you can feel assured leaving inside the air around you for hours into the day or night time. Average, this majestic scent makes for a powerful accent for any modern-day man on the pass.

This dreamy elixir, released to the world in 2015, became presented via the distinguished French residence of dressmaker Franck Boclet. It stands proudly beside almost 40 other signature aromas in the fashion designer line.

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